*High strength, High heat resistance, light weight (half weight of steel type).


*Non-metallic, Non-Magnetic, Electric Insulation, Low thermal conductive for both hot & cold, pass metal detector and suitable for electronic unit manufacturing plants.


*Anti-hot & cold, Anti-corrosive, Anti-acids, bases, and organic solvent.


*Product itself is toxic free and the production processes contain no toxic material release. The product can be 100% re-useable and recycled which conforms to the environmental friendly concept.


*Customization of various types shoe toe caps, which developing new model needs one week only.


*Pass safety shoe toe caps regulations of EN12568, EN20345, CSA Z195, ASTM-F2413 and JIS.

Features & Techs

A. Features

B. Technology

Environment Protection: Abandon the traditional thermosetting FRP High-polluting materials, using advanced  thermoplastic composite material to reduce the pollution.


Efficiency: High-efficiency production, a mode can produce a pair of safety toe every 40 seconds.


Non-toxic: Our toecaps had passed the EU REACH toxic substances detection,  does not contain toxic substances.


Buyer protection: Our products are underwriting by AIG's Chartis Insurance Company’s product liability insurance,  products are sold all over the world are guaranteed.



C. The comparison of various of toecaps